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The Sidekick is a modular kydex holster, performing well from appendix carry, to strong side, to small of the back. 

Using parts sold by Raven Concealment, it is similar to the Eidolon.  To be clear, although Raven Concealment Systems has made some of their components available to custom holster makers, this holster is not made by RCS and is not endorsed by them. Although they don't make the Eidolon for M&P's, or anything other than Glock right now, the Sidekick is very similar. 

The angle of cant is adjustable, as is the ride height.  It is also tuck-able. These features are standard. 

It has two more features which are optional; a claw to pull the grip in, and a wedge which will push the barrel out, bringing the top (rear sights) in closer to the body.  The aiwb claw is a critical feature on all appendix carry holsters, and can be nice when carried in any other position, but is no longer a must have.  If you are sure that you will never appendix carry, you can pass on these upgrades.  If you do pass on them now, both the claw and the wedge can be added at a later date. 

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Lead time is 3-4 days.  Thank you for your patience.

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