Who are you?

Christian, husband, father.  I’m not a high speed Delta-Ranger-Seal, nor was I ever in law enforcement.  I have trained in martial arts and with weapons for over 25 years and carry a gun every day in defense of my family. 

What do you do?

I create custom kydex holsters, specializing in concealed carry.  I am privileged to have served active and retired military and police, as well as civilians from all walks of life. 

What is the current lead time? 

Lead time to create items is currently 3 days.  This is an estimate, not a promise.  Although I do my best to be prompt, a sudden influx of orders may extend the time and I won't compromise quality for speed.   

What is kydex and why should I use it for my next holster?

Kydex is basically a very durable plastic.  Molded to the shape of the pistol, it has a positive “click” into position.  Contrary to popular opinion, it doesn’t wear the finish of the gun quicker than leather.  If it is improperly made it can, but because it is slick on the inside of the holster it is easier to keep clean than leather, and it is grit in a holster that is the real offender.  Because it is harder than leather it retains it’s shape even when the gun is out, making it easy to re-holster safely.

How should I clean my holster?

Water works well, if it’s stained you can add soap.  Do NOT put it in the dishwasher!  The heat may warp it.